Daring to care

Daring to Care model is a group intervention developed to target specifically trauma-symptoms of parents surviving from childhood abuse. Its goal is to prevent intergenerational harmful effects of traumatization by helping parents understand their trauma-related difficulties and find better ways to regulate and cope with them. Daring to Care is designed as an add-on to individual psychotherapeutic treatment. The model consists of 24 topics presented over the course of 30 sessions, each with its own set of exercises and assignments to encourage individual experiential reflection. The Daring to Care intervention can be used for parents with different traumatic experiences in their early care-taking relationships, varying trauma symptoms, and children of different ages from birth to 18 years. The Daring to Care model combines cognitive, trauma therapeutic, mentalization-based and family focused approaches into a unified structured model. The Daring to Care model has been developed to address some of the specific difficulties that traumatized parents struggle with, in order to help them break the intergenerational chain of maltreatment and neglect.

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